To create an environment for creatives, designers and innovators that believe in the impossible to come to us for all their natural stone needs.

EXCELLENCE: In quality and services. INNOVATION: With our worldwide design research and trends we are always at the forefront of the stone industry.

 CONNECTIONS: Our connections in stone and styles from around the world are an asset that is rarely found.

To encourage and support the dreamers, the innovators and the creatives to think outside the box. To help make that dream become a reality.

– Nicole Barrett
Macrostone Director



Macrostone International was founded by directors Anthony Finocchiaro and Nicole Barrett with a deep desire to provide quality innovative natural stone products in the Australian market and deliver these products with exceptional customer service.

Anthony is an expert in the stone industry; having worked in the paving and landscaping industries for over 22 years. His grandfather was a stone mason who handcrafted stone walls in Italy that still stand today. In the 1950s Anthony’s family migrated to Australia where the stone tradition was continued by Anthony’s father and grandfather, helping to build our wonderful nation.


Anthony’s desire to start a business that provided beautiful natural stone products with exceptional service together with his passion and love of natural stone products was instilled by his father and grandfather at a young age. He wanted to bring this love and passion to other Australians so they too could enjoy the enormous benefits of these products…


Nicole Barrett practiced as a Clinical Psychologist and holds a masters degree is clinical psychology. Nicole developed a love and passion for interior design and co-founded Macrostone. Nicole is the Creative Director of Macrostone and is always researching new design trends to bring to the Australian market for both indoor and outdoor applications for  Innovation and style with stone materials are the foundation of Nicole’s passion for interior design and the direction that she is taking with Macrostone.