The beginning of February is a wonderful time of year to enjoy the outdoors. The sometimes hectic start to the new year is over, children are back at school and the long summer days are still floating around. With the weather becoming slightly cooler and more bearable, it really is the perfect time to kickstart 2017 with a landscaping project that feeds your inner soul.



Below we have featured exterior space trends for 2017, along with some inspiration, ideas and suggestions for creating a nature escape that is as individual as you.


Personalised Outdoor Sanctuaries
We are all aware that spending time in nature assists with stress relief and encourages wellbeing, which is often difficult to find in the current technological climate we are so absorbed in. Expect to see a diverse range of bohemian sunrooms, outdoor kitchens spaces and personalised garden meditation zones popping up that are fully zen and most importantly, devoid of wires, chargers, phones, tablets, cables and anything digital!!


Colour Splashing
Colour blocking is the use of discrete blocks of colours and its popping up in outdoor living spaces this year. Experimenting with colour is an inexpensive and sensory evoking pleasure that can be changed seasonally. Colour can be added by highlighting a specific plant/area or by the use of decor. For example, flashing colour on a wall can frame potted plants or be the artistic backdrop for an outdoor sofa. Adding a rug, curtains or screens can help assist in creating an intimate zone within an open space.


Up-cycling exterior decor and furnishings
Gone are the designs of exterior spaces where structured hardscaping materials, minimalist furniture and geometric decor dominated over the natural beauty of a rustic and wild garden. 2017 is seeing a renewed interest in traditional, free-form green spaces that are organic and incorporate up-cycled elements such as swing seating, crazy pave natural stone walkways and the use of tactile materials such as wood and stone.



Eco-green gardens, naturescaping and investing in edible gardens.


There is a shift towards creating exterior spaces that are personal and blur the division between inside and outside.

Eco-Green Gardens
Eco-green gardens use environmentally friendly and natural products, coupled with hardscaping materials such as stone, sun-dried tiles and naturally occurring paving materials to create ‘greener’ surrounds.


Edible Gardens
With more people embracing sustainability and their environmental consciousness, it is fair to say that there is a shift towards creating a visually appealing garden space that also provides natural produce that can be eaten. Edible gardens are fast becoming the most popular form of a quick DIY outdoor project that reflects a back to basics way of living.


This is a new concept which sees landscaping design complementing nature by utilising native plant species, endemic flora and naturally forming materials that are specific to that location. This in turn aides in the reduction of water, fertiliser, pesticides and ultimately produces eco-green outdoor spaces which provide perfect habitats for native fauna.


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