This year is seeing some bold, yet conscious and considerate changes for the Macrostone team and our studio. Since moving into the new offices at Robina, we have been conscious of adopting a different approach to the norm of office structure, whereby we are create a holistic environment that encourages spatial engagement with the mind and body, in addition to interaction with other team members.



March will see the studio be remodelled to include a meditation, wellness and mind zone that incorporates yoga mats, peaceful music, aroma diffusers using doTERRA essential oils, living greenery and relaxaback’s. Individuals are encouraged to use this space to stop and meditate for 15 minutes in the morning and afternoon, in order to refresh the mind and reinvigorate the body’s natural blood flow.


Along with this new approach, we have also introduced a new programme whereby once a month, as session is dedicated to educational learning, by either a team member or an external guru, who can assist the team in areas of wellness, creativity, business and happiness.


Our first teacher Paul Cook a former Olympic rower, visited Macrostone today to guide us on how to use his invention, the relaxaback, which each of the Macrostone team now owns. Paul created this product as a remedy to assist with mitigating his chronic back pain, which he was experiencing on a daily basis. After discovering a logical and practical approach to eliminating such pain through studying the Alexander Technique, Paul devised a complete program incorporating the patented device, along with audio, visual and personal support, which enables the user to self treat practically anywhere – especially in the office.


The Alexander Technique follows the idea of not imposing any effort of force with regards to back releasing methods. Paul’s practice involves laying on the floor and using the relaxaback support under the head to obtain a neutral spine, with the objective to create a ‘zero-load’ equilibrium for the body so full release can occur. Paul designed the relaxaback to help the user to step outside the mainstream ‘do more’ mentality and build regular healing time into the day which, for the Macrostone team, is wholeheartedly welcomed.

Screenshot from 2018-01-24 18:25:22.png

Relaxaback healing


Corrective Alignment


Releasing tension


During our first experience, Paul focused on freeing the neck through breath, releasing tension and realising one’s own intention using the relaxaback support. Even though this was our first attempt at achieving release through Paul’s method, I did instantly feel a lighter, calmer wholeness throughout my core and once back in front of the computer, there was a noticeable increase of focus with my concentration.


Macrostone has now implemented this gentle path to healing, health and wellbeing on a daily basis and we are excited to experience the full benefits this technique has to offer our minds, body and souls. If you are thinking if this could maybe work for you, visit Paul’s website for more details.


T: (07) 5562 0076