After considerable anticipation, Italian Artisan, Giovanni Barbieri has unveiled his handcrafted collections to the Australian design community. Macrostone is ecstatic to announce Giovanni Barbieri’s architectural artworks are now exclusively available to the Australian and New Zealand markets.



Established in 1975, the Barbieri Family of artisans have been on an eternal pursuit of perfection amusing with marble and for Giovanni, his enduring love of hand-crafting natural stone, has been a source of inspiration for many global brands, with many of his creations receiving multiple awards and recognition throughout the world.


Based in the small northern Italian town of Castlefranco, Giovanni has been blessed with a rich lineal heritage of master stone craftsmen. Often referred to as a modern-day renaissance artist, Giovanni handcrafts stone tile pieces that are not just your typical wall and floor coverings, but artworks in their own right. Consistently reinventing his products to create the most delicate and engaging designs, Giovanni also uses ceramic, engineered, porcelain and Murano glass materials to produce sophisticated timeless architectural masterpieces.


His 3-dimensional artworks range in style from simplistic forms that mimic the natural curves found in nature, such as the ‘Ambra’ collection, through to more contemporary and geometric patterns like the ‘Madison’ and ‘Hive’. Giovanni draws his inspiration from his love of travel, museums and galleries and believes in the importance of being naturally aware of, as well as having the capacity to anticipate what his clients and the market needs.


Giovanni began is affiliation with stone at age 14, working in his brothers stone business as a labourer. By the age of 16, Giovanni was capable of independently managing entire production floors and the construction of buildings. This propelled him a few years later, to become a business partner for his brother, establishing F.lli Barbieri in 1984. It was then, when the company began producing tumbled marble, that Giovanni embarked on an lifelong infatuation with the time-honoured tradition of hand-carved stone sculpting.


In his early 20’s, Giovanni began evening classes studying Interior Design and successfully completed 2, three-year-courses between 1989 and 1997. During that time he achieved outstanding results in collaboration with the architects that were teaching the classes on building sites and projects.


It was these collaborations between teacher and student that resulted in a strong period of progression, which saw Giovanni as the sole developer of projects and the only supplier of marble tiles which derived exclusively from the Italian family stone business. He also began supervising installations to ensure the satisfaction of the customer. Later, his focus turned to the production process of new products; initially for the local market then expanding into the United States, thanks in particular to his excellent grasp of design principles, research and development strategies.


Towards the end of the 90’s, Giovanni visioned the now infamous Barbieri finish, which uses a technique that creates an antiqued wavy textured finish and perfectly represents the timeworn effect on natural stone. It is through this form of sculpture, that Giovanni has managed to infuse contemporary materials with the patina of age, whereby the designs of the tiles’ surface has the rounded, irregular wear pattern produced by thousands of footsteps over hundreds of years. The ‘Marmo Antico Lucido’, “Framenti Borders’, ‘Timeworn Marble’ and the ‘Serie Storica’ collections are interpretations of this conscious and romantic vision.


Over the past 10 years, Giovanni has collaborated with some of the worlds elite artists, including Romero Britto for the ‘Love’ collection, Roberto Lanaro for ‘Sviluppo Diagonnale’, Vallelunga Ceramica for “Memento’ and Sarah Baldwin for the ‘Sophie Design’. In 2013, the Memento Collection was awarded ‘Best of the Year’ Interior Design magazine and since then, many of his collections have received prestigious nominations and awards worldwide.


Macrostone is honoured to be able to partner with Giovanni Barbieri and share his award winning architectural artwork with the Australian market. For information on Giovanni’s collections, please contact or call us on +0755 620 076.


“All products can be copied or reproduced by a low cost manufacturer, but a Giovanni Barbieri masterpiece, unique by design for its hand finished touches and for its artistic flare, is in no way replicable, increasing it’s value with the time” – Giovanni Barbieri.