by Anthony Finnochiaro


By Anthony Finnochiaro


I met Giovanni in November 2016 whilst on a trip through Northern Italy searching for Travertine.


I was immediately blown away by what I was met with when I entered his creative space. The place was filled with remarkable pieces of art made from stone that had been designed and crafted for building and architecture. The number of designs and prototypes was simply mind blowing and I immediately knew that I had discovered something really, really special that I had never seen before in 20 years of working in the building and stone industries.


Watching Giovanni develop his designs was a special experience – like watching a Murano glassworker create a glass masterpiece. I was then transported back to the Renaissance period when I wandered onto the polished factory floor and saw the stone workers bringing his designs to life…


In an industry where computers and CNC machines rule; it was refreshing and enlightening to see works of art being created from stone by people. Works of art that Michaelangelo and his peers would be proud of.


From the 100% hand crafted natural stone pieces to the environmentally sensitive engineered marbles and travertines, which utilise excess material from other projects that would otherwise be wasted, I kept seeing more and more magic unfold before my eyes. The visit to the porcelain factory brought another dimension to the experience as I again witnessed master crafts men and women creating Giovanni’s latest piece – The Trilogy.


Mr Giovanni Barbieri has ignited an even deeper passion in me for stone and architecture. I am so grateful that my team and I are able to share these masterpieces exclusively throughout Australia and New Zealand.


It is my belief that we will redefine claddings in architecture throughout Australia and New Zealand as we continually reveal more and more of these unique, bespoke and stunning works of ART FOR BUILDING.


Macrostone is honoured to be able to partner with Giovanni Barbieri and share his award winning architectural artwork with the Australian and New Zealand Markets. For information on Giovanni’s collections, please contact or call us on 1300 301 924


“All products can be copied or reproduced by a low cost manufacturer, but a Giovanni Barbieri masterpiece, unique by design for its hand finished touches and for its artistic flare, is in no way replicable, increasing it’s value with the time” – Giovanni Barbieri.