Artistry Concrete: Experiencing Space




Macrostone is excited to share with you a brand new experience which is redefining that way we view architectural cladding.


Welcome to TONK Project.


TONK Project is a lightweight cladding product freshly launched to the Australian market which uses the repetition of geometry and pattern to create a unique style. Each design has a modular structure that can be personalised with additional pieces, allowing the individual the opportunity to design their own experience.


The entire range has been designed for use in both interior and exterior environments and the 3D nature of each tile lends visual stimulation to the wall/ceiling/furniture installation through the use of light and shadow. All the designs in the collection have been thoughtfully hand crafted from glass fibre reinforced concrete through the moulding and casting production method.


The result?


Each object embodies perfect architectural harmony and gives a sense of craftsmanship and practicality, which in turn, helps us to identify modular surfaces as an expression of artistry. Each minimalist model consists of a 3-dimensional geometric shape which form variations in sequence to create a stimulating encounter. Selected collections within the range will allow for the insertion of timber inlays, stone pieces or even strip lighting, which encourages spatial engagement through the marriage of different materials.


Customise. Individualise. Personalise.


As TONK Project is essentially concrete, it can be painted any colour you envisage! We currently offer 10 colours in the TONK Project colour palette and adding to this constantly. For very special projects, Macrostone can colour match from the Pantone catalogue to produce a totally customisable composition.


Experiencing space through the artistry of concrete formations


Gama has the ability to change its design based on the insertion of metal, timber, stone or even strip lighting inlays.


TONK Nut pattern is conceptually the old nut shape & bolt tops. This retro design has a subtle style that works well as an external wall cladding coupled with greenery, which helps to breathe life into the surface.



Klok a great option for bringing out creativity. Basic diamond shapes make up the entire pattern, however if you were to use inlays, anything design intent is possible. Create ships, patterns within patterns, or even a work of art.



Dizzy is the only TONK product that links into itself creating a hook with its partner. At a closer glance, Dizzy has one side thicker than the other, creating another dimensional depth.



Pix is simply a box within a box that provides the illusion of the surface being deeper than it actually is. This style works well with illumination as each side can reflect light differently.



Similar to Nut, Lots is a subtle pattern that relies on colour rather than inserts to create an interesting, 3D wall effect. One of the most lightweight TONK products, Lots has a simplistic pattern that can work well as a feature wall.



Vink arrow design allows for various patterns which create a wave of light and shadow. The tiles can be aligned anyway and the repetition of this shade will always be the same.



Tilt is, like Gama, one of the most loved patterns from TONK. It is ordered in its design, with a thick and wide top and a smaller and thinner bottom. This tile is elegant and lightweight.


The entire TONK Project range is suitable for residential, commercial, corporate, health, government, retail and educational spaces as wall/ceiling cladding or even as an additional feature to furniture. TONK can be found at: TONK PROJECT


To request samples or more information on all the collections within the range, please contact us at Macrostone International.


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