Book Matching Stone




Picture yourself walking into a large foyer of a luxury hotel, a spiralling helical stair case dances between the ceiling and floor. As you gaze beyond the front desk you notice a beautiful stone feature wall, the veins of the stone mirror the spiralling staircase, swirling like a beautiful oil painting. Upon closer investigation you realise the veins are a continuing, mirrored image of one another and you begin to wonder if this is a natural effect or a clever enhancement. Perhaps this is what it looks like when we celebrate the environment and work together in harmony, just the right balance of creativity and innovation.



Book matching is a technique where stone is cut to create a symmetrical continuation of the stones veining. The stone is cut, polished and placed along side one another to create an unbroken pattern, which can be a very attractive way to show case a beautiful natural stone as a feature wall.



If you think of book matching as a stone telling its full story much like a photograph before it has been cropped and edited, you begin to understand book matching allows the stone to showcase its features and characteristics. Often book matching gives the effect that the two or more pieces of stone are a single piece of stone. Exhibiting the continuations within the stone and a beauty that is often hidden.

The mirrored surfaces read as an open book and in some stones it can achieve a natural patterning that has a sense of uniformity, while other stones will create a very abstract and organic pattern, which has been said by some to have a calming effect. When considering book matching your stone feature wall it is important to understand that only certain stones can achieve this special effect.



Different stones will also have different colours and veining, which will dictate the design outcome. When selecting your stone to create a feature wall that employs the book matching technique it is important to firstly understand what type of effect you would like achieve in your design. This is important due to some stones having the ability to create a very dramatic effect, while others can produce quite a subtle and soft effect. However keep in mind each stone varies much like a fingerprint so there are many options available when seeking a unique stone to suit your distinct vision. Pop over to our products page and find that special stone that completes your spectacular design.