Cool Stone for Outdoor Hot Areas


Stone is a fantastic product to use in any area of your home. All stone tends to be cool underfoot perfect for hot climates. But what stone keeps the coolest? Macrostone is based in Queensland Australia and it becomes pretty hot outside over the summer, so keeping cool is very important.


So what is the best stone products to use in an outdoor hot climate? Let me enlighten you.


For Outdoor Hot Areas




Limestone is a strong sedimentary rock that can be purchased in a variety of colours and variations. One of its biggest qualities is its strength no matter its cut, colour or style.


Limestone is also very cool underneath your feet. No matter how hot it reaches, if you have Limestone outside in a light colour it will be a lot cooler. As many people know the lighter the colour the more light is reflect and the less heat is absorbed. Hence why black sand is hotter than white sand. The same thing happens with stone. Limestone has a colour range from white to cream to brown to black. So when in an external area or in an area of direct sun a lighter Limestone is preferable. A great asset for around the pool or for an outdoor area.




Like Limestone, Travertine is a sedimentary rock unique in its creation. Travertine is formed by hot spring deposits. It is strong like Limestone however it has more patterns and variations in the stone.


Travertine comes in whites, silver/greys, creams and browns. With its slightly lighter colour palette it is easier to lay darker Travertine in external areas. Preferably, like Limestone, the lighter colour is better for outdoor areas underfoot. But with Travertines its silver and brown colours, being lighter, could sustain its cool qualities longer depending on your external area.




Granite is a volcanic stone with a colour spectrum of white through to grey then through to black. Granite can be purchased in tiles, pavers and cobblestones so its outdoor appearance is based on the stones design and cut.


Granite despite its colour is quite cool, hence why a lot of Australian families like using Granite for their driveway or entry. However a cool stone that is black does have a time limit with its heat control. All stone can warm up and if its directly in the sun on a hot day maybe a lighter coloured Granite could be better.




Sandstone is a soft, light and cool stone designed for the outdoors. Sandstone comes in a array of colours and colour mixes with most of the colours being lighter on the spectrum.


Does this mean Sandstone is the best option? Maybe. Sandstone is soft and needs constant sealing and maintenance however with its colourful properties and its design appeal sometimes choosing Sandstone can be a tough choice. But it is one of the coolest stones for external use because of its colour and style.




Most individuals believe Marble is the most luxurious stone. If used effectively it can create a cooling effect inside a home as well as a beautiful feature. However how does it work externally?


Marble ranges in price depending on what Marble you pick. Marble also needs constant maintenance and care which is why a lot of people place Marble inside than outside. If you were to use Marble in an exterior design it would remain cool underfoot but colour choice is highly important. Marble, around a pool, will need to be slip checked and finished to have grip.




Quartzite is a metamorphic rock with similar colours and designs as Marble. However Quartzite can work quite well externally in comparison to Marble.


Depending on the stone choice Quartzite can have excellent grip for around wet areas as well as having a great colour choice. The list of colours and designs are too long to name so finding something you want is not as difficult as you think. It could be just the thing for you. But like Marble choosing a lighter colour is preferable for an external area.





Bluestone, like Granite, is a volcanic rock with many applications and finishes. Bluestone, as the name suggests, is a blue stone. Ranging from dark blue to a light silver blue.


Bluestone is a cool stone, its properties reminiscent of Granite. It heat control is dictated by how much direct sun it receives and where it is placed in an external area. Lighter blues will have more heat control but will slower become hotter depending on the day and area.


But in the end it is all up to you. You the designer, the planner, the home owner. An Industrial designed home would suit a darker outdoor stone than a lighter one, while an Hamptons style home will suit a lighter coloured stone externally. It is your home, your rules and sometimes natural stone can surprise even the experts.