Gabion Baskets




Perhaps you’re wondering what the appeal is of the gabion baskets? Or maybe you have always been intrigued by the hardy and rugged appearance of the steel and stone duality?




The rugged beauty and strength of the Gabion basket can be appreciated by observing the versatile uses it poses. From a simple retaining wall that becomes a feature wall, to an organic landscape seating arrangement, the Gabion basket is undoubtedly a versatile material that offers itself to a vast array of design outcomes of any size.




One of great design opportunities with the gabion basket is the ability it gives the individual to custom design their furniture or walls to blend with their surrounding context.




From using a beautiful, earthy, Indian sandstone rock to a classy and smooth, marble pebble, a rugged or refined approach is achievable. Sourcing cost effective landscaping materials can at times be an issue of sacrificing aesthetics for functionality, while a unique furniture piece may also leave a huge dent in the budget. These design constraints can be overcome through innovation and creative application, while taking a more environmental approach that takes a natural approach.




The idea of hand picking the stones you want to use in your gabion basket and knowing that you are creating a product that has longevity, little impact on the earth and originality is rewarding. Particularly when you appreciate the natural beauty of the basket and the reward of knowing you are not sacrificing aesthetic quality for functionality.