Giovanni Barbieri Designer Cladding


Giovanni Barbieri is one of the most remarkable Artisans and Designers of Natural Stone Tiles. Barbieri doesn’t limit himself just to stone, he also works in handmade ceramic tiles and porcelain. Consistently reinventing his products to create the most delicate and beautiful designs.


Giovanni began at age 14, working in his brothers business of construction. He rose in rank and at the age of 16, was able to manage entire floors and buildings by himself. This propelled him, at age 18, to become a business partner for his brother, establishing F.lli Barbieri in 1984. This is when the company began producing tumbled marble which allowed Giovanni to begin his design infatuation.


At 22, Giovanni began studying two 3 year courses in interior design and after their successful completion in 1997 he found his greatest success was when he collaborated with Architects on building sites and projects. These collaborations created a strong desire to become a sole developer, in charge of his own projects, supplying his own products and supervising their installation. These desires became reality through his business and not soon after did he begin to focus on stone production.


In 1997 he became, and still is, the only manufacturer in the world of the renown Barbieri finish. This antiqued wavy textured finish perfectly represents the timeworn effect on natural stone and meant production of new products was expanding right across to America were historical stone floor renovation became a huge profit maker. Many patents, both decorative and industrial were wanting that Antique finish.


This is when the finish called “Marmo Antico Lucido”, the “Framenti Borders Collection, Timeworn Marble” and the “Serie Storica” became extremely popular. Trade show booth explicitly changing from modern designs straight to exclusive decorative panels. With Giovanni showing alongside famous designers like Roberto Lanaro in art and design competitions. Receiving a special mention in 2003 at the Torino Exhibition.


In 2008, Giovanni discovered, invented, design and established the production of Carved stone, for unbeatable quality, qualities and prices. His new collection was highly received. Not only in the Italian market but even in the American market with the ‘Ambra Collection’ receiving one of the awards for American Architecture ‘Architectural Record’. It even was shown in the ‘Triennale Design Museum’ in Milan for over a year.


Giovanni in 2010 successfully collaborated with Sara Baldwin (New Ravenna) developing Timeworn Mosaics. With 2013 seeing his engineered three-dimensional marble tiles creation awarding him ‘Memento Collection Best of the Year Interior Design Award’. This was also the year when he began experimenting with Murano Glass polished relief inlay which allowed for backlighting the glass and/or stone piece for greater design possibilities. Giovanni still believes to this day that this will be a future trend that will be seen throughout many homes. Believe it or not, you are seeing this as a popular trent happening today.


2014 was started by Giovanni winning the ‘Surface Design Award 2014’ in the Housing category in London. This propelling him into his new adventures and designs of today.


This is where we come in, today. Macrostone has had the great fortune to be able to work with Giovanni Barbieri to provide his award winning designs to the Australian market. This means you can now have designer cladding customisable to your home by one of the leading interior stone cladding inventors of Italy. Italy is the birthplace of stone, so its a guarantee that this amazing cladding deserves its global success.