Limestone and its Qualities




Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is mostly created in areas of calm water. Created from compacting naturally organic lifeforms and minerals that, with the pressure of water, are so dense it forms one of the strongest stone varieties. Hence it has been used throughout the ages to create giant and magnificent structures that have stood the test of time.


Lets start from the beginning with some visible characteristics of Limestone. Limestone can come in a variety of colours. These include: warm reds, oranges, yellows, creams, corals, greys (light to dark), and white. Other than colours the stone itself can be more solid in appearance or a more fossilised stone. Once picking a limestone to suit your needs, if using it for a house/home, is deciding on the best finishes of the stone. These included honed, polished, brushed and filled, just to name a few.

When looking deeper into the stone you will find that it is built on a calcium base. This is due to being formed near water and by organic material. This does mean the stone has a weakness to acid but being so dense has allowed this stone to be quite resistant to most attacks. It is strong and highly durable in any environment. Look at the Pyramids of Egypt, they are still standing due to the strength of their limestone blocks.

This resistant and durability is why Limestone is so appealing to todays construction and home building market. It is strong, child proof, sustainable and soft underfoot if the appropriate finish is used.


Note: Child proof in regards to stone: it is hard to scratch, easy to clean if an accident or art lesson that goes horribly wrong, it is hard to crack if a heavy object is dropped onto the stone, it comes in tiles or pavers depending on how busy areas of the home become, and will survive a very very long time.


Now you love Limestone and you have heard all the qualities and properties and mention of some of the applications but let me enlighten you on everything Limestone can do. It works well as a flooring product. Anyone with Limestone flooring would tell you it is a great flooring product and easy to clean. But Limestone is not limited to just flooring. Stone Cladding is becoming more popular with interiors and exteriors, and with limestones strong qualities it is not surprising that limestone cladding is becoming increasingly popular. Even in fence and landscaping designs.


Limestone is strong, durable, “child proof”, easy to clean, easy to maintain, can be used as a flooring product or walling product, and is a highly sustainable product based on its strength. If wanting a feature stone for your home and marble is appealing, try limestone. It hasn’t let anyone down. Just up to you to pick the right colour.