When marble comes to mind it often evokes ideas of luxury and opulence, with famous works such as the Taj Mahal or Michaelangelos ‘David’ coming to mind.


These incredible stone artworks are symbolic of the complexity of the stone itself and the vision that can be achieve with such a versatile material.




When we look back at the conditions in which the rock is formed we can begin to understand how the stone achieves such a beautiful and complex visual effect. Marble is a metamorphic rock, meaning it is formed when limestone is subjected to the heat and pressure of metamorphism. Under these conditions the calcite in the limestone is recrystallised, becoming an interlocking of calcite crystals, which is known as marble. This process of recrystallisation differs limestone from marble.




The beauty of marble is evident in the soft glow that is gives off. The glow is achieved due to the translucency of the marble, which allows light to enter. This may be a solution for a modern design issue where the capturing of natural light in a space is a desired achievement. The ability marble has to be highly polished further enhances the light entering the stone and brings the material to life. Marble has been a choice for many architectural and sculptural projects and is considered a valuable stone due to the many uses it poses.





Marble occurs in a range of colours, each telling a story of the metamorphic conditions is has been subject, making each piece slightly different, similar to our finger prints. From a fine white to a deep green, marble has the ability to exhibit an interesting, organic texture and can enhance the quality of a space that may otherwise be considered lifeless or mundane. Furthermore, a high polished finish can allow further detail within the stone to be revealed.




As mentioned earlier marble has many properties and as there are many different typologies of marble, each should be considered carefully prior to application.




The historic and highly regarded sculpture of ‘David’ was chiseled from Carrara marble; this may be something worth considering when you are envisioning your new marble installation.




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