Meet The Team


Macrostone International has a wonderful team that is dedicated to making your stone selection easy without the headaches. Our team currently has seven members, each providing their own expertise within the industry. We thought that we should introduce the team to you and provide a little information about their role here at Macrostone.

            MEET THE TEAM

                    Macrostone International

Anthony Finocchiaro


Director of Macrostone


Anthony is our Director here at Macrostone, the man behind the stone. Anthony is the forth generation of Finocchiaro’s to work with stone. He has a wealth of experience and has been working in the industry for years and still loves it. Anthony has a great eye for stone quality and will go out of his way to find the best quality stone for the most affordable price for his clients. Even if a client has a unique stone needed for a project, Anthony wont stop till he finds the best for you.



Ben Fisher


Sales and General Manager


Ben is our new Sales and General Manager at Macrostone, responsible for keeping you up to date with sales news, promotions, new stone products and making your stone selection easy and affordable. Ben looks after all our clients and distributors, updating them with Macrostone and Stone industry news. We deal with international stone companies which means anything can happen. But Ben will keep you up to date with everything to keep you dreaming easy.



Accounts and Logistics


Andrew has one of the most important roles in Macrostone. He keeps everything rolling. Andrew looks after you stone from delivery to arrival. He will keep eyes on your shipment, its location and its estimated time of arrive. When keeping one eye on this, his other is keeping you up to date with all this information regarding transport and your account details. If any issues or concerns arise with shipment, shipping or accounts he is the man to ask for to resolve it quickly and find out.



Design Consultant


Tamara is our Design Consultant with a background in interior design and architecture. She is a wonderful new addition to the team with her expert knowledge of the design world. She proves herself a valuable asset. Tamara is the best person to talk to when wanting advice for a project or for her creative ways to work with stone. Any help with any architect or design project stone enquires, Tamara is the one for you.



Marketinging and Digital Designer


Sarah is our Marketing and Digital Designer, responsible for our website, catalogue, booklets, social media and all advertising areas of Macrostone. She is the best person to contact for all your advertisement and printing needs regarding Macrostone. Need a new sign to promote our products or a flyer to show off our stock, send her a quick email and she will contact you about design options and requirements. Any issues with our website or advertisement materials she is the one to contact.






Architecture and Design


Dominika is the newest member of the Macrostone team. She is highly skilled in Architecture and Design and will be a great help to the creative side of Macrostone. She is responsible for all our 3D rendering and providing some information about architect techniques and information.





Korey has been working for Macrostone for years and has obtained a great wealth of knowledge about our company. He is responsible for keeping our distributors up to date with everything Macrostone. Korey is the first man in the Office and looks after all our calls. He also helps with our I.T. issues that is wonderful help for the team. Korey is happy to help whenever he can and has knows a great deal about Natural Stone.