Each year we celebrate the best movie, tv show, artwork, person, celebrity of the year. Our Macrostone team thought it was high time we celebrated stone in the same way.


So while getting ready for 2017 we are working towards celebrating Macrostones, “Stone of the Year”. The winners for the “Stone of the Year” will be chosen by you, yes you, and our staff.


There will be a poll up on our social media platforms detailing the options and showing where you can vote. There are 4 choices based on overall popularity over 2016. These are:
– Madagascar Limestone
– Cremo Delicato Marble
– Southern Flamed Granite
– New Zealand Pick


On the final week before Christmas the winner will be announced and a “Peoples Choice Stone of the Year” will be awarded.


But didn’t I say winners before?
Yes I did.


Our office is holding our its own internal competition were we are to pick stone either from our current range or any of our favourite stone seen over the year. Our team will pick a winner out of all the nominees entered in our Office Favourites “Stone of the Year”.


We are looking forward to see what stone triumphs and will be awarded “Stone of the Year”.


Stay tuned on social media and here to find out the winners this week.