Volcanic Versatility


To understand the sheer beauty, durability and strength of the Bluestone, one needs to look no further than the mysterious Stonehenge. Vast periods of time have passed since its ancient construction and yet parts of it still stand.

The name bluestone is a name given to a number of stone varieties, which are deeply coloured, hardy, volcanic stones. Bluestone is used in many landscape applications and has the ability to give a clean and smart finish to an urban setting. Or alternatively the Bluestone can be used to create a rugged natural appearance, which may ideal for a design that is looking for a contemporary natural character.

Bluestone as the name suggests is a deep dark stone. Depending on the finish applied it can provide a reflective surface, which may be ideal in creating a polished, sleek finish on an artistically angled feature wall. The smooth almost reflective appearance creates crisp clean angles, while an unpolished finish can truly give a natural and rugged appearance creating visual interest.

Due to the durability of the stone it is able to achieve a full transition from indoor to outdoor spaces, providing an element of continuation that maintains character throughout the design. Bluestone can be used as garden bed or assist in retaining a garden stair in place of a sleeper, giving a pronounced edging. Which might form a nice seat for that Sunday morning cup of coffee while you admire your landscaping. The robustness of Bluestone will provide a hardy pavement for many needs, yet it lends itself to having an old world charm that can create a cobblestone path that is quaint and traditional.

Whether you are looking to pave a sophisticated urban street front, heavily trafficable outdoor landscape or create an arcadian vibe in a funky new espresso bar be sure to check out our Bluestone. Your next creation could lead you to your next masterpiece. Be inspired and find a creative new way to incorporate this versatile beauty into your next design;