Why is Stone the best for Cladding?




Cladding is a great design material for many homes as of its ability to link the outdoors with the indoors. A continuous theme that can work externally as well as internally. But why do we suggest stone as the best option to use? Yes we are a stone company but we believe passionately about our products hence why we will prove that stone is the best option for cladding.


Lets start with all your options laid out in front of you.



Your house needs something extra to link the external to the internal, to provide a consistency that extends into the garden. You have thought about a cladding solution to cover a few walls inside and outside but deciding on what to use has been difficult. You are presented with all the major players in the cladding game: Brick, Timber, Metals, Concrete and Stone. Let me help you decide.



I would look into Brick first. Potentially the traditionalist choice with characteristics including long lasting, minimal maintenance and a good feature wall if already living in a brick home. But Brick can be expensive with some areas not providing choice in colour or Brick material, usually leading to purchasing paints and other finishing products to hide a basic and sometimes boring cladding choice. It is a traditionally used cladding and if your house suits it then maybe it is something worth your interest.


Come on, I need to drag you away. Timber is next, it is the most versatile material on this list, providing the greatest options in design if used effectively. You can have straight boards, chunky wooden pieces, colourful tiled looking timber, overlapping or even specially cut timber cladding. But without care and maintenance wood will fall into disrepair. Painted or stained wood will need a re-coat every year but this does allow for changes of colour in the house. Some woods will even weather once exposed to the elements so maybe this material being used externally (unless you want that extra maintenance) should be kept inside.


I can see you liking Timber due to its design but there are still three cladding choices to go. Metals are a relatively new cladding option used as cladding. Unless you count the traditional tin shed as Metal cladding. However Metal cladding can bend, mould and can be imprinted with designs so your conventional metal sheet isn’t as boring. It provides nice clean lines and due to its durability can change over time with rust and decay, if that is a feature you would like to create. But no matter how good metal looks after a good rust all Metal cladding will need to be changed every few years as they cannot endure the harsh reality of our environment.


You seem more interested in industrial designs then, well now don’t get too excited. Concrete can also fit into an industrial design layout. Smoothed out to any surfaces, concrete can create quite an impact in a home and works well as an extension product for internal and external continuous design. But it still, by many homeowners, is considered mundane. It is an excellent insulator and is highly versatile, with finishes that add an extra level of depth. But with its bland appearance it can create a cold backdrop to a warm family home so if using concrete cladding make sure you know your design in its entirety before deciding concrete is the best for you.


Now for the final cladding idea. Surely you know its Stone. Is is the luxe choice and it is not as expensive as you think with manufacturers developing new products almost daily. It is quick and easy to install with its qualities outshining its competitors in cladding. It is hard waring, long lasting, highly durable, a great feature internally and can survive long durations with almost no maintenance externally. Stone Cladding can also come in small to large cladding pieces with the larger pieces creating a more natural stone look. You are looking at me at if there must be something bad about stone cladding. Well the only real issue is weight. If you are in a new home with weight restrictions then maybe a big stone cladding feature is not the best option for you. But there are always ways around this with stone, there are so many cladding types that if you are still looking for that natural touch but not the weight then choosing a different stone cladding type maybe better for you. But there are no restrictions outdoors with some homes now are using cladding in a new way, with smaller and lighter cladding styles starting at the front and by the time you hit the garden you are greeted with massive cladding stones.


If this is anything to go by you would have to agree Stone cladding is the best option. It is just as versatile as other materials it just depends on what cladding style you want. It is the most durable with nearly all cladding stone types not needing maintenance. When talking about price, it is expensive but can be budgeted around the same amount as brick or concrete. Weight is an obstacle but cladding options with stone can provide easy solutions and fitting around a difficult wall edge or face is easy when the stone is laid properly and designed to fit.


Great! You are considering stone cladding for you home, how wonderful. Let me show you some options.


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