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If you are in the business of selling stone, then you could be our next distributor.

We believe in the impossible. Nothing is off limits with stone. We supply Stone tiles, pavers, claddings (designer and custom stone claddings), stone features, benches, splash-backs and stone for landscaping.

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  1. Do you want to import Natural Stone from around the world?

  2. Do you want this risk free with no added drama?

  3. Do you want to be your own importer, dealing with locals in your area?

  4. Are you sick of being undercut by other importers and your wholesale suppliers?

  5. Do you want to work with a company that guarantee’s their product?

  6. If yes, contact us to see if there is a exclusive distributor vacancy in your area?



We have heard horror stories. People ‘new’ to importing full containers of stone, paying a 50% deposit and nothing ever shows up. Then the supplier disappears without a trace. We guarantee we will to make the process of importing your Natural Stone easy. So you can have your Natural Stone range without worrying about importers and communication issues overseas. We take care of it all.


Choose from our catalogue of over 300 different natural stone products from around the world. Or select a new product not featured in our catalogue and we will acquire it at the best quality and price.

We will keep you up to date with regular notifications through our Distributor Packaged System. Our Distributor Training Package has all the details on how to instantly see your order updates. We also clear your container through Australian or New Zealand Customs and Quarantine. Once it arrives at port, we will set up delivery to your selected drop off location.

Now what happens if a customer walks into your store and wants a Natural Stone Product that is new and NOT in our Catalogue. Dont panic, send us a sample or a photo with all the sizing details and finishes and we will look across the globe for its location. Then after finding the wanted stone we will have it available for you to order in a matter of days.


Still not convinced. Consider this:

  • You can buy containers of natural stone with a 100% Money-Back guarantee from around the world.

  • Do you want to join a network of suppliers who you can trust and can provide you with quality products every time?

  • Deal in your own local currency instead of 4 to 5 different currencies.

  • Deal with someone who can speak fluent English.

  • Do you want to decrease your risk and paperwork by going through us?.

  • You now don’t foreign currency account to order stone.

  • Do you want to hire more staff for a job we can do for you?

  • You don’t need to learn and understand Australian / New Zealand Quarantine.




When it arrives on site You Get A 100% Money Back Guarantee.


ALREADY IMPORTING: Why not switch over and let someone else handle new products so you can be hassle free?


Anthony, Macrostone International Director, has personally been involved in the stone and paving industry since 1996 with his family lineage over the centuries always being involved or working with Natural Stone.


“I understand the natural stone business better than most people in this country. Particularly when importing natural stone from Italy, India and China.”

Our team know what to look for in a supplier and we know what to look for when selecting a product for you. We have created connections globally that we trust and that creates the real value to our products and hence we can provide the best quality stone choices for you.


We aim to MAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE. All dreams can become a reality and as we can save you time and money, you canl focus on your business and creating your dream.



We receive calls daily from around Australia asking for our services. So we are very clear on the type of client we are want to work with.


So who is our ideal client?


Macrostone tries to keep space between distributor locations, no one wants to sell the same product as the company next door. Hence we have a limit to the amount of distributors in one region. We also are reducing our retail services to become more of a supplier of Natural Stone. This means that if an enquiry comes to our website for an amount of stone under our minimal order limit we will send them to see their closest distributor/s, which would be you.


This means we love dealing with distributors who believe in our values, that want to bring high quality stone and a love for natural materials to your area. Plus there is a special bonus that we offer our distributors only when purchasing containers from us.



Call now on: 1300 301 924 and tell our team that you want to discuss the Platinum Distributor Opportunities.


A Platinum Distributor is a company that will be at the forefront of the Natural Stone and Paving Industry. An enticing offer for future distributors across Australia and New Zealand.


This offers you the opportunity to work with industry experts and marketing leaders to help you sell the best quality stone with the best possible margin. Risk and hassle FREE!


Call us today 1300 301 924 to find out about our marketing and sales packages and how it can provide you with a convenient and easy service to order Natural Stone from across the globe. Or go straight to the top and enquire about our Platinum Distributor package and how we can provide you with the best quality stone for the best price.


Talk to you soon.


Have a great day.


All The Best,


Anthony Finocchiaro





Note from the Director: “We also have marketing packages and sales training which we offer to our platinum clients to help you sell more stone. What international supplier would ever be able to offer you this?”



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